Artist Spotlight-Louise Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun

portrait-de-la-comtesse-skavronskaia---vigee-lebrun-c-c_-recouraPortrait of Etienne Vigee-by his sistermarie-antoinette-and-her-children-1787_jpg!Blogmarie-antoinette-in-a-muslin-dress-1783_jpg!Blogcomtesse skavronskaia by Le BrunAlexandra_and_Elena_Pavlovna1801_louise_augusta_queen_o483PX-~1

Louise Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun is considered the most important female artist of the 18th Century. She was the official portrait painter for Marie Antionette and was related to Charles LeBrun, who painted the ceiling of the palace at Versailles. I’m currently working on a presentation about her and I’m having a blast researching! The eighth picture is a self portrait, the last is a self portrait of the artist and her daughter Julie (my favorite!), pictures three and four are Marie Antoinette, six is of Catherine the Great’s granddaughters, and the second is a portrait of the artist’s brother, Etienne Vigee. I just love her work, don’t you? 🙂

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