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Hi from Rome! This is the last city on my journey, and I can’t say I’m completely disappointed about going home. Actually, I’m really excited, because I’ve missed a lot of things at home. That can wait, however, because right now I’m going to tell you about my trip to the Colosseum. Tristan was awesome about making me go to the Colosseum on our first day here, even though it was hot and I was tired. It turns out that it was a good choice, though, because the rest of the days have been hotter and also more crowded because of the weekend. Kiri, Tristan, and I had trained in from Venice the day before, gotten settled into our apartment, and made some pasta for dinner with tomato sauce and zucchini. At the crack of dawn the next day, we headed toward the Colosseum. It’s not exactly hard to miss…

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