I’m Baaaaaackkk!

Forgive the cliche title. (lol) But I realized it’s been almost two years since I last blogged! Things have been very busy on the farm. We’ve had many births, including our baby goat Liv. We just got a new batch of chicks and two more ducks to keep our other duck company. We sold our male goat Charlie and got a new buck named Duke. We got two great pyrenees puppies named Leia and Dottie and they are sweetie pies. IMG_1659

We also got two baby bunnies named Chester and Rosie.


(Here’s Rosie when we first got her. And below is her a week or two ago with Chester)


We had a wonderful Christmas on the Farm event this past Christmas. The farm looked gorgeous all decked out in lights and Santa and Mrs. Claus even visited the farm. We had bonfires with smores and a giant Christmas tree that my parents cut down in the pasture and brought to the center of the field.

Today (April 15) is my one year anniversary at Cracker Barrel. I just received three stars on my apron and I was recently cross trained at the cash register and I’m loving it!! (The picture below is one year ago today on my first day of training.)


I’m very busy with school, as it is the end of the semester and finals are coming up so I’m going to wrap up this post. There’s always lots going on around the farm so I’m sure I’ll post more soon.

Until then,