Tip-A-Canoe (But Really…Don’t!!)

If you can’t already tell by the shamelessly cheesy title, we went kayaking at Tip-A-Canoe on the Harpeth River today! From the first time I went kayaking several years ago, I was an instant fan! There is something so peaceful about floating along the water, listening to the birds chirp and feeling a gentle breeze against your face. It’s fun to try and spot the turtles sunning themselves on logs or even birds’ nests at the top of the tallest trees. Tennessee has the added beauty of being filled with imposing cliffs and we saw plenty of them while kayaking today. I looked up and saw five giant nests of what I can only assume we’re herons. There was a small waterfall on the bank of the river and geese were sitting wit their babies near it.

We recently had a few days of rain so the river was flowing faster than normal. We got to be mini-daredevils going through the “rapids.” No pictures unfortunately, because I left my phone in the car so it wouldn’t get wet.

So needless to say, I would definitely recommend kayaking as a fun family sport. It’s good for beginners and its so fun!! 😀


I’m Baaaaaackkk!

Forgive the cliche title. (lol) But I realized it’s been almost two years since I last blogged! Things have been very busy on the farm. We’ve had many births, including our baby goat Liv. We just got a new batch of chicks and two more ducks to keep our other duck company. We sold our male goat Charlie and got a new buck named Duke. We got two great pyrenees puppies named Leia and Dottie and they are sweetie pies. IMG_1659

We also got two baby bunnies named Chester and Rosie.


(Here’s Rosie when we first got her. And below is her a week or two ago with Chester)


We had a wonderful Christmas on the Farm event this past Christmas. The farm looked gorgeous all decked out in lights and Santa and Mrs. Claus even visited the farm. We had bonfires with smores and a giant Christmas tree that my parents cut down in the pasture and brought to the center of the field.

Today (April 15) is my one year anniversary at Cracker Barrel. I just received three stars on my apron and I was recently cross trained at the cash register and I’m loving it!! (The picture below is one year ago today on my first day of training.)


I’m very busy with school, as it is the end of the semester and finals are coming up so I’m going to wrap up this post. There’s always lots going on around the farm so I’m sure I’ll post more soon.

Until then,





Farm Info

If you want to check out our website, please visit us at http://www.harmonyfarmtn.com/

Here you will find our prices, menu, hours, address, tips before visiting the farm, and picture gallery. 

We are also on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/harmonyfarms2

and instagram @ harmony_farm_tn

Hope to see you at our grand opening September 6!

harmony farm logo

Farm Update

As you can tell, it has been a while since I last posted. We have been busy bees working on the farm!

The grand opening of Harmony Farm is set for September 6 and we have been busy painting signs, purchasing supplies, building facilities, getting literally a ton of sand from Clarksville for our sand box, giving out fliers and coupons at the Charlotte festival, and blogging (lol) among many other things. All in the area, please join us for farm fun on September 6! Below is a picture of the family on our farm. Most activities on the farm will be taking place right behind us in this picture.  339 (1)crazy enough

ChattanoogaI leave you with this beautiful picture of Chattanooga (which I found and did not take myself). Please visit if you ever get the chance. It is a wonderful place. I love it and wish I could visit more often.

This Gigantic Two-Story Camera is Actually a Coffee Shop


giant camera coffee shop south korea dreamy camera cafe (5)
Photograph by The Dreamy Camera Cafe
Facebook | Blog

About 60 miles (97 km) east of Seoul, South Korea, you will find a gigantic two-story building in the shape of a Rolleiflex, a popular line of medium format twin lens reflex (TLR) cameras.

Inside is a coffee shop with vintage cameras and accessories on display. The Dreamy Camera cafe is the brainchild of a camera enthusiast and ex-helicopter pilot in the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF). The shop is open daily from 11 am and closes at 6pm from Monday – Friday, and 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

You can find more information on the shop’s Facebook page and blog. In the information section on Facebook, the address posted is: 341-13, Jung-won-ri, Yongmun-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea and is located about 7km from Yongmun Station.

[via PetaPixel]


giant camera coffee shop south korea dreamy camera cafe (1)

Photograph by The Dreamy Camera Cafe

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18 Midwesterners On The One Thing People Get Wrong About The Midwest

Thought Catalog

For the last week Lance Pauker and I have been getting the full experience of life in Fargo, North Dakota. We’ve tried some incredible foods and hung out some of the nicest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. So many people that have never visited the Midwest really have no clue what it’s like, other than stereotypes and broad, outdated generalizations that couldn’t be further from the truth. We visited North Dakota State University and local coffee shops to ask college students about the biggest misconception of living in the Midwest. Their answers varied, but had one general theme; it’s not that bad at all. Actually, it’s pretty great.

What is the biggest misconception people have about living in the Midwest?

“They think we’re all just complacent and satisfied with just doing whatever for the rest of our lives. I have dreams to do huge things and just…

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Incredibly Detailed Close-Ups of Van Gogh’s Masterpieces



The Google Art Project is a collaboration with museums large and small, classic and modern, world-renowned and community-based from over 40 countries. Together they have contributed more than 40,000 high-resolution images of works ranging from oil on canvas to sculpture and furniture.

Some paintings (like The Starry Night) are available in ‘gigapixel’ format, allowing you to zoom in at brushstroke level to examine and appreciate the incredible detail of these masterpieces.

In addition to the high-resolution images, each artwork also features expertly-narrated videos, audio guides, viewing notes, detailed information, maps and more. It’s a remarkable online resource and one that’s worth exploring.

Below you will find a small selection of the 150+ featured artworks of Dutch post-Impressionist, Vincent Van Gogh. I selected paintings that were available to view in very high-resolution so I could zoom in extremely close-up and capture the brush stroke details.

You can find…

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10 Amazing Close-Ups Show No Two Snowflakes are Alike

God is the amazing architect of all we see. ❤



Alexey Kljatov (aka ChaoticMind75) is an artist and photographer from Moscow, Russia. In an ongoing series entitled Snowflakes and snow crystals, Alexey takes macro shots of natural snowflakes, snow and hoarfrost crystals right outside of his house.

In a detailed blog post Kljatov explains that he shoots with a Canon A650 with a custom-built macro add-on for the camera: a Helios 44M-5 from an old USSR SLR camera called a Zenit. The images seen below were shot on dark woollen fabric in natural light (typically a grey cloudy sky).

These are only 10 in a series of 67, which you can see in its entirety on Flickr. It’s fascinating to see the numerous varieties of snowflakes. From simple prisms, sectored plates and stellar dendrites; to capped columns and triangular crystals, no two snowflakes are quite the same.

You can find a great list with pictures of different…

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Benefits of Biblical Christianity (II)


balance weigh scaleThe first benefit of biblical Christianity is that the Christian is a person no longer a rebel and enemy, chasing futility and facing judgement. The Christian is reconciled to God in Christ, and brought to glorify and enjoy Him. God in his grace lavishes the Christian with this and innumerable other blessings. The benefits of a biblical Christianity also extend beyond the individual–to the church,  family, and beyond.

The Church

Broken, distorted relationships in families and society are a painful, and to some degree, standard reality in our world. What difference does it make to be a Christian? While retaining natural family ties, the Christian receives the benefit of adoption into God’s family. He/she becomes a child of God, entering a new relationship with Christians around the globe, as well as those already in heavenly glory.

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