Tip-A-Canoe (But Really…Don’t!!)

If you can’t already tell by the shamelessly cheesy title, we went kayaking at Tip-A-Canoe on the Harpeth River today! From the first time I went kayaking several years ago, I was an instant fan! There is something so peaceful about floating along the water, listening to the birds chirp and feeling a gentle breeze against your face. It’s fun to try and spot the turtles sunning themselves on logs or even birds’ nests at the top of the tallest trees. Tennessee has the added beauty of being filled with imposing cliffs and we saw plenty of them while kayaking today. I looked up and saw five giant nests of what I can only assume we’re herons. There was a small waterfall on the bank of the river and geese were sitting wit their babies near it.

We recently had a few days of rain so the river was flowing faster than normal. We got to be mini-daredevils going through the “rapids.” No pictures unfortunately, because I left my phone in the car so it wouldn’t get wet.

So needless to say, I would definitely recommend kayaking as a fun family sport. It’s good for beginners and its so fun!! 😀